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Software Testing Tools and Techniques. Short Course Series*


Contrary to popular belief, Software Testing is not a just a single activity. It consists of series of activities carried out methodologically to help certify your software product. These activities (stages) constitute the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).

Software testing has its own life cycle that meets every stage of the SDLC. They are:

  1. Requirement Stage
  2. Test Planning
  3. Test Analysis
  4. Test Design
  5. Test Verification and Construction
  6. Test Execution
  7. Result Analysis
  8. Bug Tracking
  9. Reporting and Rework
  10. Final Testing and Implementation
  11. Post Implementation


  Course for anyone who has a basic knowledge of Windows.
Who interested in testing and Software development
Who want to expand their knowledge and improve skills in the Software industry


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

»   Understand the objectives of software testing »   Collaborate with developers and analysts
»   Understand how testing fits in the software life cycle   »   Decide how to test a new feature
»   Understand the nature and causes of defects   »   Organize and execute regression tests
»   Understand unit, integration, system testing & UAT   »   Write high-quality defect reports
»   Create test cases using testing techniques   »   Report test results and software quality


»   Basic knowledge of software engineering

course materials

A comprehensive workbook with knowledge material, examples, case studies, lab exercises, and references.

Course outline



Participants receive an industry recognized New Image College of Design and Technology Certificate after completing the course.


Course duration 12 hours.

Price: $980 CAD +  $127.40 HST                 
Total: $1107.40 CAD

You pay $ 250.00 CAD to reserve your spot.

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Software Testing
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These Student Support Materials are the essential study aid for students doing Software Testing tools and Techniques Short Course Series.

"In God we trust, and for everything else we test".












"Avoiding a bug is more cost-effective rather finding it later and fixing"


"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort." -- John Ruskin

Bill Gates recently said of Microsoft "We have as many testers as we have developers. And developers spend half their time testing. We're more of a testing organization than we're a software organization."

These short-term courses do not constitute comprehensive IT training leading to proficiency, which takes several months to accomplish. They are regarded as continuing computer education; they serve to update your current computer and IT technology knowledge.


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